Walter Hahn, Southern extension district with district court, view to the north-east, 1932, SLUB Dresden Deutsche Fotothek.

This photograph by Walter Hahn shows a Dresden suburb built in the 1920s. The moderately modern buildings are not yet flat-roofed, but they do have plain facades. Their balconies face out onto the communal green spaces, which are adorned with a few young trees. These blocks of collective housing are organised in an architectural ensemble that breaks with the archetypal street and prioritizes the circulation of air and light. They are typical of interwar urban planning in Europe.

Behind these buildings stand the court buildings and the prison, built in the early 20th century. Next to them is a modern facility: the sports ground which belongs to the technical college.

In the foreground, you can see undeveloped land awaiting future construction.

Sonia de Puineuf