Public Meetings

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Discussion with Ivana Radovanovic – the artist in residence

Ivana Radovanovic is a young Serbian artist living in Austria. In order to create an original soundwork for the project Res Urbanae, she explored the two cities of Brest and Dresden in the beginning of 2023. 

On January 24, 2023, Ivana Radovanovic met with interested residents of Brest to talk about her experience of the city and her art. A lively exchange ensued in a small group, which stimulated her thoughts before she traveled on to Dresden a few days later.

Roundtable discussion

The January 20, 2023 roundtable discussion at the Ateliers des Capucins auditorium, “Art and the City: Constructions, Deconstructions,” featured three artists who work on the theme of the city. Gwenaëlle Magadur, Wen2 and Stéphane Couturier spoke about their works and about the role of the imagination in (re)creating the identity of cities. 

three artworks of the three artists that took part in the round table discussion

Brest made of sugar

On 4th of February 2023, it was the children who decided what Brest should look like. Together with architect Sophie Roche, they built schools with large courtyards, swimming pools, a city hall and many other things out of sugar cubes. This morning definitely trained some future architects!

Brest, built by children from sugar
Brest, built by children from sugar