Public Meetings

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Street Art performance, by Wen2

On June 23, 2023, during a performance evening, Wen2 created an original graffiti for the exhibition “Brest-Dresden: urban imagination under (re)construction”.

Wen2 is a well-known graffiti artist from Brest. Strongly inspired by his immediate surroundings, Wen2 offers street art fans works with a dreamlike world that mixes urbanism and street culture through urban landscapes such as factories, warehouses or even abandoned apartment buildings with traditional and cultural architecture representative of Brittany. In this way, they offer a timeless, floating place where one likes to retreat and travel…

Wen2 graffito
Wen2 graffito

Converging Visions

On August 24, Ivana Radovanovic – a composer who composed pieces for Res Urbanae – gave a lecture in which she presented her development as a composer, shared her musical career and showed a selection of her work, ranging from compositions for ensemble and orchestra to audiovisual works for the stage.
Ivana’s artistic work is mainly focused on the composition of audiovisual scenes, in which the different disciplines of the work are considered as independent art objects. The starting point or idea of her work is often a personal statement, a commentary on current political and sociological issues and phenomena. Emotional expression and atmosphere also play a major role in her compositions.
Ivana was selected from over 100 applicants to complete an artist residency in Brest and Dresden as part of the EU project Res Urbanae. She will share her experiences during the residency with the audience and give a more detailed explanation of the piece she created specifically for the project’s traveling exhibition (which will be on display at the Ateliers des Capucins from June 22 to September 17, 2023) :

“Converging Visions is a musical story that revolves around two different cities with a common destiny. During my stay in Brest and Dresden, I made an effort to immerse myself in the history, culture and people of these two cities, with the primary goal of truly feeling their essence. By imagining the past, observing the present and looking into the future, I created two musical portraits that portray these cities undergoing reconstruction like two harmoniously converging visions.”

Discussion with Ivana Radovanovic – the artist in residence

Ivana Radovanovic is a young Serbian artist living in Austria. In order to create an original soundwork for the project Res Urbanae, she explored the two cities of Brest and Dresden in the beginning of 2023. 

On January 24, 2023, Ivana Radovanovic met with interested residents of Brest to talk about her experience of the city and her art. A lively exchange ensued in a small group, which stimulated her thoughts before she traveled on to Dresden a few days later.

Roundtable discussion

The January 20, 2023 roundtable discussion at the Ateliers des Capucins auditorium, “Art and the City: Constructions, Deconstructions” featured three artists who work on the theme of the city. Gwenaëlle Magadur, Wen2 and Stéphane Couturier spoke about their works and about the role of the imagination in (re)creating the identity of cities. 

three artworks of the three artists that took part in the round table discussion

Brest made of sugar

On 4th of February 2023, it was the children who decided what Brest should look like. Together with architect Sophie Roche, they built schools with large courtyards, swimming pools, a city hall and many other things out of sugar cubes. This morning definitely trained some future architects!

Brest, built by children from sugar
Brest, built by children from sugar