Exhibitions of student work and other small thematic exhibitions around the issues of reconstruction and urban renewal will be organised during the project.

An important travelling exhibition will be designed for the summer – autumn of 2023. Its aim is to offer a cross-section of two cities (Brest and Dresden) on their ability to imagine urban developments at different periods in history, from the 18th century (a glorious time when the identity of the two cities was affirmed) to the present day. The notion of utopia and the imagined urban projects that were envisioned will be addressed as much as the projects that were carried out. The aim is to highlight the historical differences that have conditioned post- war urban planning choices, as well as the similarities in the operating methods that feed into the issue of resilience (the place of public authority, that of citizens and artists, etc.). The last part of the exhibition will open up perspectives on the future development of cities through the presentation of recent projects. The work resulting from the artist residency will take place there. This exhibition, which will favour historical continuities, will bring together various objects and documents (plans, drawings, archives, paintings, models, engravings, photographs, films). It will be composed of two types of documents: those that will be reproduced from original works and that will structure the subject, and those that can be adapted/replaced/complemented at the exhibition site depending on its locations. These choices will make it possible to enhance the value of particular and unpublished works.